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About Us —

The World's A Stage. 

Founders Live is the global venue and network that gives tens of thousands of modern entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn global recognition, gain new business opportunities, connect with other world class entrepreneurs, access important growth capital, and truly become rockstars.


We are redefining success. You don’t have to be a billionaire or the founder of the next Unicorn to be successful. Your greatness is already in there, you just need a little help discovering it. That's what we do.

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A place where world-class entrepreneurs are made, Founders Live was created by Nick Hughes to inspire, educate and entertain entrepreneurs around the world. As a global innovation platform and entrepreneurial community that inspires creative innovators through fun Live pitch events - virtual and in-person when the world allows - we build and foster community by delivering thoughtful content and shared experiences every day through our Founders Live community and Founders Live Pro - our new Entrepreneurial Intelligence Platform. 

The Founders Live crazy-fun Livestreamed events include unique and unforgettable  99-second pitch competitions originating from more than 50 cities globally, which create local founder celebrities and bursts open additional pockets of creativity and entrepreneurial activity. 

We believe anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur deserves equal opportunity to become one with proper education, support and guidance.

Founder of the Year - Paola Ortega


Paola Ortega, cofounder of AIR from Mexico City, Mexico delivers her winning pitch at Founders Livefest 2020 

We congratulate Paola Ortega for winning the Founders Live Prime Time 2020 Global Competition emerging as the top startup pitch in Founders Live. Check out her 99 second pitch above.

The Founders Live Secret

By observing tens of thousands of founders around the world, we have uncovered the Secret to Successful Entrepreneurship - a lifelong pursuit and investment in your own personal growth and knowledge; to be seen, heard, accepted in a supportive community; access to relevant industry knowledge and resources; close connection to your peers, and being enveloped in an inspirational environment. All this will lead to a more self actualized, purposeful leader and entrepreneur. We have discovered if a long term investment is placed in these areas of your life, the pay off is immense. That's what we do.

Learn more about Founders Live and the vision to enhance entrepreneurship around the world.

Live Events —


Our Founders Live pitch events remain FREE for all around the world to attend and watch. 

The Founders Live movement includes unforgettable and livestreamed 99-second startup happy hour pitch competitions originating in a growing number of global cities, which create local founder celebrities and bursts open additional pockets of creativity and entrepreneurial activity around the world. Our vision is to grow the next globally recognized entrepreneurial brand - which raises the tide for ALL startup regions but specifically 2nd and 3rd tier markets - to ultimately power the pulse of early-stage entrepreneurship and creativity around the world.

Founders Live is currently expanding across the world reaching tens of thousands of people and is currently Live in roughly 65 cities including Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, London, New York, Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Lagos Nigeria, and Harare Zimbabwe, and is launching 2 -3 new cities each month. By the end of 2021 we'll be operating Live events in almost 100 cities reaching hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and urban trendsetters each month, with projections to reach millions globally within a few years.

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More Cities launching soon!

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Core Values —

These Founders Live Core Values are the solid foundation on which we build our global entrepreneurial community. We ask all our members to hold them in respect and operate with them in mind.

The Meador Award 2020


Founders Live recognizes Ande Lyons and Andy Jaques of Team Founders Live Boston as recipients of the Founders Live Meador Award 2020. 

The Founders Live Social Impact Mission – We aim to help create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable community and ecosystem for entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Read more about our Entrepreneurial Equality Mission here. 

Founders Live has signed the RyeStrategy Carbon Neutrality Pledge.

Community —

Founders Live is home to one of the most diverse, talented and supportive entrepreneurial communities in the world. You will discover there are many more people creating many more unique concepts and businesses than you ever thought possible. 

Come on in and get inspired!

Your paid membership helps us grow our impact around the world each day. It allows us to hire the talent needed to expand our systems, to support our weekly growth, and will help us achieve our mission of powering the pulse of entrepreneurship around the world. If you do not feel Founders Live has brought value to your life each month please don’t feel obligated to join. But if so, and you’d like to do your part in helping the world change in all the ways you imagine we can together as a global entrepreneurial community, welcome home!

Learning —

We’ve partnered with Dium to bring you a FREE to start virtual businesses incubator.

Dium helps founders turn their ideas into successful businesses through:
1. Guidance through the startup process, by simplifying and teaching core business concepts
2. Providing a central place to find services and over $150 in discounts through our partnerships
3. Execute faster and build momentum easier with our toolset

Bonus: We are developing a way to match investors to our startups, to make fundraising easy. Check it out here https://startdium.com/

Welcome to The Founders Live Learning Center. We’ve partnered with The Lonely Entrepreneur to bring you a FREE Entrepreneur Learning Community. 

In the Learning Center, you’ll find great benefits including:

  1. Access exclusive content. The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning has been designed to inspire, instruct, and engage.
  2. Meet new people. Your fellow students are as motivated as you are to master what we’re exploring in The Learning Community.
  3. Get results. As you dive into the course content and meet the community, you’re on a path of mastery. While it’s not necessarily easy, the transformation we’ll get together matters.

Jump into the Free Learning Center Here

Global Partners —

Women in Cloud - https://www.womenincloud.com/

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Every Founders Live event presenter receives $5,000 credit to AWS.


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